How to install the Yotpo review app.

You may want to see the previous article for more details about product page files.

This article is for the Yotpo review app, but it may be useful if you want to install other Shopify apps. You may show this article to the app developer to help locate the needed theme file.

Let's install and configure the Yotpo app.

Yotpo widget @ product page

1) Install app & select Manual Installation. I hope in future the app author will add auto install option for the Shella theme.

2) Add Yotpo's Java-Script

Nothing special here. Open theme.liquid file and paste the app's code. (Online store -> Theme actions -> Edit code)

3) Install Reviews Widget

Open snippets/product-page-get-info.liquid file and paste the app's code in place you want to show the reviews widget.

4) Install Conversion Tracking

Follow the app instruction to add tracking code to the Checkout page. This is not a theme related part, cause the Shopify software doesn't allow to modify the Checkout page.

5) Review the result

Place Yotpo widget to the product tab.

1) Open snippets/product-page-get-tabs.liquid file

2) Find the tab_reviews_html

3) Remove the code for the Shopify reviews app

<div id="shopify-product-reviews" data-id="{{ product.id }}">{{ metafields.spr.reviews }}</div>

4) Paste Yotpo code instead.

5) Check the result

For product page layout #2

For product page layout #1

How to place Star Ratings widget

1) Open Yotpo app -> On-site Widgets -> Star Ratings

2) Press on Generate Code button

3) Press on Copy Code button

4) Open snippets/product-get-review.liquid file

5) Remove all content

6) Paste Yotpo code

7) Check the result 

Thank you for using the Shella Shopify theme