Product page file structure. Useful for app installation.

I had a ticket form, sschumm

Me and the Yotpo team are having difficulties in installing the Star reviews on the Shella theme. This because you use a different naming for templates and all.

Can you please guide us on how to install the Yotpo Star Review under or above the product title on both the product pages and the Collection pages.

Product page files:

a) sections/product.liquid - start file. It prepares the variables, and includes, main product snippet depends on the product page layout selected at your theme settings.

b) snippets/product-page-get-main.liquid - includes gallery, info, and tabs snippets.

c) snippets/product-page-get-info.liquid - generates the product info


d) snippets/product-page-get-tabs.liquid - tabs

Tabs titles

Same for tabs content

I hope it will help you to understand the Shella product page file structure.

In next article I will guide you, how to insert app's code snippets based on Yotpo Star Review app.

Thank you for using the Shella Shopify theme.