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Product video thumbnail not showing on collection page


  • Andrew started the conversation

    Our website has a video mp4 format as the first thumbnail for the product page. On the collection page view however, the product chooses an image format instead. Is this to do with the aspect ratio? Is there a way to get video as the collection thumbnail instead of an image?

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    Irina replied

    Hello, Andrew.

    Please, describe the issue according to our Issue Template -



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    Best regards, Irina

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  • Andrew replied

    Expected Behaviour

    When video is uploaded as default thumbnail I would expect the behaviour to show the video on both the product page and collection page, however the media type is image and resorts to the 2nd thumbnail.

    Current Behaviour

    When uploading video as thumbnail media on product page, the video shows https://pqcollection.com/products/t-shirt-dress-in-blossom-gum on product page, but in collection view the video does not show, it shows the image thumbnail instead.

    Failure Information

    The collection view page does not cater towards video formats when upload to product media. 

    Steps to Reproduce

    Website is not yet live, however this is just a collection page link that does not have a video. 

    1. Upload video to media.

    2. Set the video to default thumbnail in 1st position.

    3. Go to link of product page https://pqcollection.com/products/t-shirt-dress-in-blossom-gum (since theme is not yet live, I can provide screen shots), however a video autoplay loop plays.

    4. Go to collection page where T Shirt Dress in Blossom Gum is located and the format is shown as an image and not video.


    Sheila theme used however in demo view. No customisable options for product media so I suspect that this has not been related to the issue.

    Store URL: www.pqcollection.com

    Screenshot: Attached in files.

    Theme version: V4 above

    Browser: Tested on Chrome & Safari

    Device: Laptop

    Attached files:  Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 9.44.03 am.png
      Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 9.55.04 am.png

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    Irina replied

    Hello, Andrew.

    Thank you for your explanations.

    Correct, the theme shows the video only on product pages.

    If you set the video on the first place in your Shopify admin for an individual product, it will be replaced with the next image to display on collection pages.

    Unfortunately, this can not be changed in the theme editor.

    You may edit the theme source files or hire a Shopify Expert to complete this task for your store.

    Have a nice day

    Best regards, Irina

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