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  • sweden started the conversation

    Hello, i want to know if its possible to switch of the currency switcher? i have an app named Coin app and they have their own switcher i would like to use. Its mostly because they offer to add flags next to the currency which is pretty cool. Any way´i checked the theme documentation and could not find any way to remove or switch it off, atleast temporary 

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    Irina replied

    Hello, Sweden.

    I checked your store configuration and you use the Shopify payments configured in your Shopify admin -> Settings -> Payments -


    By default, the theme shows currency drop-down if you enabled Shopify payments with multiple currencies.

    If you would like not to show it, you may edit the theme source files or hire a Shopify Expert to complete this task for your store.

    Have a nice day

    Best regards, Irina

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