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Menu Bar is not correctly working in Mobile.


  • Pawantyagi started the conversation

    I had edited the theme a little bit but suddenly I have seen that the Menu bar is not working correctly and I do not know why, Please look into this screenshot and resolve this as soon as possible.

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2021-06-05 200153.jpg

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    Irina replied

    Hello, Pawantyagi.

    I checked this issue on the clean theme files and also on our demo. And could not repeat it.

    Do you see this issue at our demo store?

    Do you see this issue on the clean theme files?

    I believe this issue is caused by a custom code changes or apps. Some apps edit the theme source files.

    I recommend to test this issue in clean theme files. Add apps one by one, and test the issue. 

    Once you find the app that caused the issue, ask app support for help.

    Have a nice day

    Best regards, Irina

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