Add custom font

The Shopify requires to use a built in font library. You may want to add your custom font, be sure you license font files correctly.

(to zoom images, use the context menu and the "Open image in new tab" option. Context menu = mouse right button click on image)

1) Upload font files at Content -> Files. Copy file links.

2) Open online theme editor. Online store -> Themes -> ... (three dots) -> Edit code

3) Note the font related variable names. Remove the code related to font theme settings.

Files: layout/theme.liquid, layout/password.liquid, templates/gift_card.liquid

4) Update font preload tags

5) Add font-face CSS style

6) Update the font related variables at snippets/head-css.liquid file

7) Verify the font at the storefront


You should have a basic source code edit skills. If this manual doesn't help you, please hire a developer to complete this task for your store.