How to Move the Collection Description to the Bottom

In case you want to show the collection description at the bottom of the page. You should perform the following steps.

Note: You should be able to edit the theme source code at Theme actions -> Edit code. Or hire a Shopify Expert to complete this task for you.

1) Create a backup copy of your theme at Theme actions -> Duplicate. You may quickly restore the working theme in case something goes wrong.

2) Go to Theme actions -> Edit code.

3)  Open the snippets/collection-head.liquid file

4) Find the following code

<div class="rte fs{{ description_class }}">
    {{ collection.description }}

5) Cut it from the snippets/collection-head.liquid file & paste at the snippets/collection-page.liquid file. After the collection-body section

You should get

a) Updated snippets/collection-head.liquid file

b) Updated snippets/collection-page.liquid file

c) Collection description after the product list.

d) You may add additional margin with mt-100 class.

mt - short for margin top

100 - distance in pixels, you may use other number with set of 10 pixels.

It looks better now.


Thank you for using the Shella theme.