Shella theme :: Known issues and Solutions

Version 4.8.0

1. Footer or Header (elements) disappeared after update

This issue occurs if you've selected the color for an element and then removed the color. As the result, the transparent color is preserved in the settings.

The workaround is to remove all the lines with the color "rgba(0,0,0,0)" in the file config/settings_data.json

It can be easily done by searching (CTRL+F) in the file -

2. Can't change color of the Input background

You may need to add 3 lines of code to the file snippets/css-variables.liquid

After the lines:

--theme12: {{ settings.color_theme12 }};

{%- endif -%}


{%- if settings.color_theme13 and settings.color_theme13 != '' -%} 

--theme13: {{ settings.color_theme13 }}; 

 {%- endif -%}