Shella Shopify theme


About version 4

1) What features added to the theme version 4?

The theme front-end doesn't change.

We worked on the version 4 update for the six months.

Most improvements are related to the theme code. If review the code, it is about 30-40% of the new code.

You may notice the changes in the theme settings. We removed the hard to understand features. And try to make it easier.

You may stay with version 3, if you have an issue with the theme, our developer will fix it.

2) How to update to the theme version 4?

The theme version number 4 has significant changes and improvements. Unfortunately, the theme settings from version 3 are not compatible with version 4. If you want to use version 4, you should configure it 4 from scratch.

The update is not mandatory. You may stay with the previous theme version.

3) How long it will take to configure version 4 from scratch?

It depends on your store configuration. I believe it should be much faster and easier than in previous versions.

4) Is it possible to automatically copy theme settings?

Unfortunately, some software updates don't provide such an option. For example, Shopify announced the new features: Sections on every page, Master pages, etc. What does it mean for the theme developer? The theme developer should significantly rewrite the theme code. The theme developer should create a new theme from scratch to include new features in the theme editor. This is true for any software product, not only for the Shella Shopify theme.

Thank you for your understanding.


1) How to find the global settings? 

Sections -> Global settings used to configure the custom product swatches at previous version (theme version 3x).

Now it was renamed to Product variants.

a) You should enable it in Theme settings -> Product -> Variants.

b) You may configure in Sections -> Product variants.

Please check the user manual for more details.

2) Upload theme Error "Zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template "layout/theme.liquid"

Unzip the downloaded file firstly, then you can upload "upload_me_Shella_theme..." to Shopify theme uploader. 

Here is our user manual -

Please, also watch this video tutorial -

3)  Why I can’t see menus, images, etc. after uploading Shella theme to my store

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't allow export/import features for some elements, like Collections, Navigation menus, Images etc.

You should upload your images, products, configure collections and navigation menus by yourself.

4)  How to update the theme each time and do not lose theme settings

- You can read the step by step instruction in our user manual –

Or watch our video tutorial –

- If you edit the theme source code, you should merge your code changes manually.

We recommend to use the Git software to track your code changes.

5) How to update the theme from 3x version to 4x version

Unfortunately, there is no way to update the theme version 3x to the newest version 4x without losing your theme settings. 

If review the code, it is about 30-40% of the new code in version 4x. So, you may need to start building your theme from scratch. 

Please check this page for more details about theme version 4x -

6) Where to find the entire changelog of the theme updates

Please, follow the link to check the full list of changes, scroll down to "Change log" block -

7) How to move theme from one Shopify store to another store

Navigate to Shopify admin -> Online store -> Actions-> press “Download theme file”

The theme files will be sent to your mail. 

Please note, the Shopify software doesn't allow to duplicate the store.

You may export/import products, export/import the theme, you may use 3rd party apps to export/import other store data.

For example, you may use the ExIm app to export/import Pages and Blog posts.

But you should configure other content and store settings manually. Configure collections, navigation, etc.

Theme settings include links to the store resources, you may need to update them too.

8) How to create Staff account

You can create staff account at Shopify admin -> Settings -> Users and Permissions.

Please, check Shopify user manual for more details -

9) How to disable the gear wheel popup on the right side of the screen

You can disable an option “Enable a gear wheel popup (Presentation mode)” in Theme settings -> License -

10) The Instagram feed does not display on my home page

- You can only use the "Instagram block" to configure this feature.

Please, read more details in our user manual -

- If you want some images from your Instagram account to be automatically displayed on the home page, we recommend you to install the IG app.

IG disabled public access to account's images.

The theme works as described here –

Unfortunately, this method doesn't work anymore.

11) How to configure payment icons in Footer

You can apply changes at Theme settings -> Payments.

Please, read our user manual for more details -

12) How to configure RTL only for Arabic language

The RTL feature works based on the "dir" attribute of the "html" tag -

The language app should update this attribute.

Please, contact the app developer for help with app installation and configuration.

13) How to configure product tabs

 -  Tabs that you can configure in Shella Editor work for all Product pages.

Go to Products -> Product page section to configure tabs -

You can read details in our user manual –

-  If you want to add a unique Tab for each product, you can achieve it via Metafields.

Please, read more details in our user manual -

Or watch the video tutorial - 

14) How to create webpages

You can add or edit pages at Shopify admin -> Pages, using any features of Shopify rich text editor -

Please, also read Shopify user manual for more details -

15) Why Shella theme does not support Internet Explorer

Unfortunately, we don’t support IE in our theme. We’ve analyzed browsers using statistics and detected that this browser is used by too small percent of users. 

So, we’ve decided not to use it. Also, IE doesn’t support many modern features. Theme has poor functionality if it is developed for this browser. 

16) How to change the “Sort by” on Collection page

The sorting order is generated by default Shopify logic.  

The theme doesn't change this. It can't be regulated in theme's files.

You may edit the text in Shopify admin -> Online store -> Actions -> Edit languages, press tab “Collections” and scroll down to “Control sort by” block –

17) How to configure multiple selection for “Collections” filter

"Collections" Sidebar filter works as a switcher between the collections.

So, it navigates you to the collection that you selected in the Sidebar menu.

You may check how the filter works on our demo -

18) Wishlist /Compare functionality does not work correctly

You should install the app for the correct work of Wishlist /Compare functionality.

We use CustomerMeta app on our demo.

Please, check our user manual, item 5 -

You can also find more information here -

19) How to configure the Purchase notification 

You can configure the Purchase notification at Theme settings -> Notifications.

Please, read details in our user manual -

You can select any collection for this popup.

You may edit the text in Shopify admin -> Online store -> Actions -> Edit languages, filter by "notification" keyword -

20) How to build Image+Text one by one blocks on Home page

You may need to create a Builder section with two Promo boxes -

For the first Promo box, you should select the Layout type - Clean image without text -

And for the second one, any Type of text without an image -

Please, check our video tutorial for more details -

21) How the “Related Products” algorithm works (section at the bottom of Product page)

Please check the Shopify manuals, like this blog post -

The related products are pulled via JS -

The Shella theme doesn't include the example code snippets, but uses the same idea.

You can update JS code at the assets/section.carousel-products.js file -

Please note, the Shopify software selects related products according to an internal algorithm. 

And may decide that your product has only three related products.

22) How to setup pickup availability

The Local pickup was added to the latest theme update 4.10.0.

You may need to enable an option  in Theme settings -> Product page & Quick view -

And apply settings in Shopify admin. How to configure the pickup availability on your store, you can read here -

23) Can I use my license on another store?

The Purchase code is assigned only to one account. So, you may need a License for every, if you want to use it on two different accounts.

If you need to move your license from one domain to another, you should remove it from the old domain, and write to us. We'll reset it.